For our Original Mocros hats we have a one-size-fits-almost-all size.

Our Mocros will fit children with head size 41 to 53 and adults with head sizes from 54 to 62 cm. Make sure to measure your head before buying!

The models that are delivered in one size have been adjusted accordingly.

If a certain model is larger or smaller than this average size, this is stated in the description.

Measuring instructions

Use a measuring tape to measure your head circumference. Place the role centimeter around your head.
To calculate your hat size you do this exactly as a hat is, so over your ears.
The measured number of centimeters is then the measure. So measured 57 cm = size 57.
Make the Original Mocros hat suitable
Is the size a bit too large, or do you want extra security in all weather?
Then thread a thin flat elastic band through the whole inner edge of the hat.
Tighten the elastic as desired and secure it with a few stitches of yarn.

ORIGINAL MOCROS main sizes kids, teenagers and adults:

Just born Head circumference: 34 cm
3 – 6 months Head circumference: 41 – 43 cm
1 – 2 years Head circumference: 46 – 48 cm
3 – 5 years head circumference: 51 cm
6 – 10 years head circumference: 53 cm
Teen Head circumference: 52 – 56 cm
Adult woman Head circumference: 57 cm
Adult man Head circumference: 62 cm

We strive for an affordable collection with a lot of targeted information.

Anyway, whether you order for yourself or for someone else, if it is not to your liking you will receive the purchase price (excluding shipping costs)